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CU Leather Skiving Machine​

CU Type skiving machines

Model: AV2MA

AV2 skiving machines are characterized by simplicity and precision.
They are widely used in the footwear field and in leather goods in general.

The following versions are supplied:
   * head only (AV2T);
   * with table and motor (AV2M);
   * with table and aspirator motor (AV2MA);
   * with table, transport motor and super extractor motor (AV2MSA).

The AV2 model in the AV2 M, AV2 MA and AV2 MSA versions can also be equipped with an additional transport speed variator (E) with electronic regulation: AV2 ME, AV2 MAE, AV2 MSA E.

Technical data




cm. 120


cm. 60

Net weight

Kg. 86

Net weight version ‘E’

Kg. 118

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