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Dryer & Glu Re-activator Machine


Dryer and glue re-activator

     ER26, Er26/1, ER29


Dryer and glue re-activator

The ER26 machine is a linear shoe and sole transporter which reduces solvent evaporation times.

The operator or operators gluing by hand or by machine place the sole and shoe on the conveyor belt.

Inside the tunnel, the solvent contained in the glue is forced to evaporate

The press operator takes shoe and sole at the end of the cycle perfectly reactivated and ready for assembly.


POWER:                         10 kw
SIZE:                              110x310x165 c
WEIGHT:                        395 K
ELECTRICAL FEED:           220/400 V. – 50-60 H
PRODUCTION:                1200 PAIRS IN 8 HOURS
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