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Cucisoles F525 N

2-wire sewing machines for small industries and shoe repairers.

Expressly designed for the needs of small industries and shoe repairers, the two-thread stapler mod. F525 N is suitable for sewing soles of any type and material. The new type of interchangeable horns, whose replacement has been made easier and faster by means of an innovative patented control system of the little rose, give it remarkable flexibility and easy handling, allowing it to perform, in addition to the traditional Blake stitching of any type of footwear and boots. with rigid legging up to 540 mm in height, also the lateral one (Opanka) of box-shaped footwear for men, women and children. Other important features:

  • Continuously variable speed (electronic motor with 3 gradual speeds), to better conform to the various working difficulties
  • New patented transport, to obtain precise and constant stitches even in the execution of curved parts and to sew soles of different thickness with a single adjustment
  • Positioning of the needle bar electronically regulated with stop in position
  • Automatic positioning of the transport foot at the beginning and at the end of the seam.
  • Automatic spooler
  • The machine complies with CE REGULATION.
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