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The K58STI was born as a completely renewed new version of an escutcheon that has been successfully on the market for 50 years.

Thanks to a new system for blocking the shape with the molding jaw, the buoy comes out of the machine perfectly gleaned and graceful, whatever the type of leather, both with neoprene-type adhesives and for thermoplastic adhesives. For the latter, there is a version with thermoinjection equipment that eliminates the worker involved in the manual coating of the adhesive. Even particular shapes, such as the lower numbers of the child manufacture, are easily worked with excellent results.

The production capacity of the K58STI is remarkable: the automatic entry column allows easy introduction even for the longest leggings. The adjustment for the different shape heights is automatic, therefore the machine is also suitable for diversified processes.

The drives are electro-hydraulic, very gentle and sensitive and all easily adjustable for fine-tuning the machine.

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