Crown Enterprise


Cutting Plotter 2A Series

Leather Skiving Machine

Clicking Press TW-925 (3+1)

Travel Head TW 588/3

Travel head Feeding System

High Speed Beam Press Hydraulic Cutting Machine

AV2 Skiving Machines

Stiffener Skiving Machine

Skiving Machine for Thick Material

Splitting Machine

Upper & Sandals Stitching Machines

Trimming Machines

Seam Beating Machines

Thermo Folding Machines

Seam Beating Machines

Sole Stitching Machines

Wall Stitching Machines

Back Part Molding Machines

Crimping Machine With Dynamic Angle

Pre-Shaping Machine

Ankle Boot Throat Styler

Dryer and Glue Activator 

Chiller Tunnel 

Heat Setter

Pneumatic Press

Heel Seat Cement Lasting Machine

Toe and Forepart Lasting Machine

Scouring, Hammering, Roughing Machine

Automatic Shoe Cementing  Machines