Crown Enterprise

Crimping Machine With Dynamic Angle

  • Any Blocking Angle
  • No more double cutting
  • Accuracy and Repetitivity
  • Suitable for Synthetic or leather
  • Any Vamp Size
  • Perfect angle in just 12 sec

VC 19D

Crimping Machine With Dynamic Angle for Any Vamp 

Years of innovating on upper crimping, investing on R&D, acquiring experience and perfecting the result we offer, made us reinvent the idea of 3d Vamp crimping.

VC-19D was born on the 50th anniversary of Olympic and came to change the crimping blocking procedure of the shoe vamps forever.

Its Patented design allows you to succeed extreme angle on any shape and size of vamp and literally eliminate the trimming of the vamps making such a demanding procedure easier and more cost effective than ever.


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