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The X78 hydraulic pre-assembly with 9 grippers and thermoplastic injector is suitable for any type of processing: from the smallest numbers for children, to all types of women’s shoes, with any heel height, up to the largest numbers. for men .
A special kit, in the X78 basic version, ensures perfect fitting of safety shoes with iron or plastic toe.
The great possibilities of the X78 are completed by the standard equipment such as the rotating pincers, the new laser projector and the moving plates; and from those optionals such as the motorized plate run, the opening pincers, the horizontal draft for saddling, the kit for the processing of women’s shoes with pointed toe and the right-left movement of the rear presser bunch. Additional optional devices allow special processing such as “Goodyear” and “San Crispino”.
In the X78SZ version, a hydraulic device, equipped with movable plate elements capable of extending the assembly of the tip up to the side-quarry fitting, allows complete assembly of the shoe in just two operations.
A color display, practical and intuitive with self-diagnosis, helps the operator quickly and easily to make all the adjustments; the use of special cycle functions, modification of the times, management of the opening of the grippers and setting of the automatic draws are carried out without having to open the electrical panel and without mechanical adjustments.
The machine also allows a considerable ease of entry of the upper into the 9 grippers, even when reasons of savings and particular modeling require assembly with scarce material.
Speed ​​and precision on pressure control, simplicity in maintenance interventions reduce operating costs compared to similar machines equipped with a compressed air system.

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